At GLOVR, we love every aspect of golf:  Squeezing in a quick 9, hitting the range, attending tour events, playing for charity, sporting the clothes and shoes, keeping up with the latest technology, 1 puts, birdies, and monstrous drives that land in the fairway!  It’s in our blood and that’s why we created My Golf Wallet.  Our patent pending product was designed with an enjoyable golf experience as the number one priority.  

Founded by two recreational golfers in 2018, GLOVR set off to optimize a design conceived of on the course that will keep your golf glove from ending up as a crumpled ball in your golf bag. Starting with select materials, we then added tools and features that golfers can use every round to keep their game and bags organized.  We want you to enjoy every moment of golf, from the second you open your golf bag to the second you close it for the day.  

Whether you have questions about My Golf Wallet or are looking for large purchases and customization for group events, you can reach us at:

+1 (305) 81-GLOVR (4-5687) 

518 Kimberton Road
Store 336
Phoenixville, PA 19460