Tired of pulling that crusty, crumpled glove out of your bag?  So were we. We designed My Golf Wallet so every round starts with a nicely broken in glove.  See how My Golf Wallet can work for you on and off the course.

How to load your glove.

GLOVR's Golf Wallet gif on how to load your glove


Prepare: Open My Golf Wallet and glove at the closure. Loosen fingertips especially the thumb.

Load: Slide glove and hand into wallet (a little finger wiggle helps). Attach glove to wallet with firm press on the exterior GLOVR logo. Hold the glove's tips through the wallet and remove hand.

Fold: Tuck glove closure and ensure glove thumb lays flat. Fold, close, and stow your glove ready for the next round!


My Golf Wallet Features

Focused on maximizing the golf glove experience, we started by selecting My Golf Wallet’s materials for their durability and breathability. Sized and stitched for hands of all sizes, we dialed in the folding geometry to closely follow finger folding mechanics and retain glove structure.

Golf Wallet How To Use glove insert

We built in features experienced and new golfers can enjoy:

  • A tee holder that holds up to 8 tees
  • A Magnetic ball marker holder
  • A GLOVR ball marker 
  • A Carabiner bag clip
  • A fully sealed pocket, sized to store your 
    • Divot tool
    • License
    • Jewelry
    • Credits cards
    • Membership/range card
  • ...A durable belt loop? 

That’s right, belt loop.  We call it Caddy Mode.  Clipped to your bag, or mounted on your belt, My Golf Wallet becomes an in-game asset.  It provides easy access to your glove and tools when you need them, where you need them. No more dropping the glove out of your pocket, trips back to the cart for tees or getting poked by your pocketed divot tool and tees. 

 Golf Wallet in Caddy Mode

My Golf Wallet organizes your game.  Try Caddy Mode for 18 holes and you may just have a new best friend.